Our Mission

A.L.L is here to create a supportive network for children. By providing diverse programs that will engage everyone, we will create a positive change. With the support of our community, we can make a difference in every child’s life.

Meet the team.


Marcus Wright


Jordan Bedell


Cody Reed


Maurice Dowdell


At the Academy of Life and Learning, we promote the idea that the true essence of life is based on continual growth. We believe growth starts with us, the founders, to set the standard, which will then trickle down to our team members, and finally to our youth. As an organization, we strive to develop new and innovative ways to challenge each child. We want to establish a platform that will create well-rounded children who will one day make a positive difference in their community.

Creative Innovation

Learning is different for everyone. Some learn by seeing, others touching and even by listening. Regardless of how you learn, A.L.L will seek highly trained professionals who can build a connection between what children learn in the classroom and apply it to their professional development.

Team Dynamics

A.L.L believes that there is a great strength in numbers. One of our goals is to build an organization that not only revolves around the children, but also encompasses the parents, local businesses, and community leaders to mentor our youth. Creating this relationship between the youth and the adults within the community will establish a positive environment to develop everyone’s character


We are a family-based organization that focuses on the importance of developing our community. Building relationships with parents, children, and other members of the community is a vital piece for our organization. Without you, the programs that we develop would not be possible.